What’s Been Going On

The lack of work has also left me with a lack of interesting things to be promoting and chatting about. I never meant the blog to be so silent for so long.

So, let’s see what’s been going on.

I just received the final galleys to The Essential Superman Encyclopedia for letters N-Z and I have to have them reviewed by Friday which should not be a problem.

In other good news, the person I ghost wrote a book for finally responded with a huge thumb’s up. He’d like some additional fresh quotes, so I need to work on that as well.

The biggest news is that Deb is back to work. When her previous company reduced her hours to part-time in September, she began seeking opportunities and then really stepped up the hunt when the company folded in January. And despite speaking to countless headhunters and contacts, she found her new role through a former colleague, proving once more that your network needs to be strong. She begins work on Monday and it starts with three weeks of intensive training up in New Hampshire, which also means she’ll be back in Fairfield before Kate arrives for two well-deserved weeks of R&R.

The free time allowed me to enjoy my brother Neil’s visit this week. Among our activities was brining him to Citi Field for a Mets game. Since Deb and I were there last season, they added additional touches to make the place feel less of a shrine to the Brooklyn Dodgers and more the home field of the New York Metropolitans. The original Home Run Big Apple resides in a prominent outdoor spot and the newly opened Hall of Fame has plenty of nifty stuff to gawk at. The $20 seats were high but behind home plate affording us a great view of the field. The home game streak was snapped that afternoon and we have not been at a winning home game since April 2007, making me wonder if we should ever go again.

I’ve also been a little more active than usual on the political front, lending my services to two different local campaigns which is an eye-opening experience. Lots of moving parts to a campaign and a lot of time, effort, and thought has to go into almost every decision. This year’s campaign is different in Connecticut because the state has suffered with budget deficits for some time now and all the incumbents are facing uphill battles because of discontentment with the status quo. Couple that with a free-for-all for the governor’s office and you have a volatile season that won’t be clarified until the August primaries.

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  • I’ll trade you a Carly Fiorina for a… Well, actually, for anything else.

    Congratulations to Deb on the new job! Give Kate a hug from me when she arrives.

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