A Little Begging for Support

OK, I’m not ashamed to admit it; I’m going to do a little begging. Since Aaron Rosenberg, Steve Savile, and I launched ReDeus over at Kickstarter, we’ve been delving deeper into our world building and our three series. Every time we get into the creative elements, the trio gets very excited. Then we look at the Kickstarter page and realize that after a month, we’ve managed just 10% of our goal, largely achieved through one kick-ass patron of our art. […]

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Some Additional Political Thoughts

My popularity as a delegate to the Connecticut State Convention has continued over the last few weeks. I continue to hear from the larger and better organized campaigns, the candidates themselves personally call, and the conversations I’ve been having were interesting. And yet, I remained uncertain who I wanted to support for Attorney General or Secretary of the State. On Sunday, that was finally resolved after attending the Candidates’ Forum here in Fairfield. Conceived and organized by Matt Waggner and […]

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Back from the Road

Long time readers may recall my taking a gastronomic road trip with my friend Matthew in January 2009. Well, on Monday, he asked if I’d be willing to accompany him on a shorter run, to and from Virginia. As you know, I’ve had a slow patch of work so the timing couldn’t have been better. I drove down to Long Island late Wednesday morning, loaded the trailer with Matthew and we drove south. Along the way, we stopped in New […]

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