Today’s Shot

What a wasted day. Yesterday, the external monitor acted up, repeating a problem I had about two months back. At the time, it was diagnosed as a series of driver issues and that my relatively new laptop was already hopelessly out of date with drivers for the port replicator I was using for docking my peripherals. So, I tried to self-diagnose the problem and finally gave up, calling HP’s crack support team. After a while, they decided it had to […]

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Watching Captain America

I usually don’t do this, but htere’s my ComicMix review of Captain America which goes live on that site tomorrow. Joe Johnston knows how to direct adventure films but watching his growth as a director has been a pleasure. His first offering, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids was a visual effects feast, thanks to his training at Industrial Light & Magic. He followed up in 1991 with his first comic book adaptation, Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer and while the movie is […]

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Once More into the Breach

Last night the Democratic Town Committee held its special meeting to pick the slate for the November 8 municipal election. The Republicans had their primary vote on Tuesday so we had some sense of who the competition was going to be. As Vice Chair, I spent the last month juggling preparations for the meeting, the subsequent campaign, and overseeing the DTC’s website revamp while also answering numerous questions from tyros. There was a lot of recruiting to be done, especially […]

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