Spider-Man Vault Now in Stores

I received a cellphone picture from my pal Paul Kupperberg earlier today, showing me copies of Spider-Man Vault in a Connecticut comic shop. The book was written for release last fall but for reasons beyond my knowledge, it was sold only in Costco during the last holiday season. But now it’s available for one and all to enjoy. Peter David wrote the bulk of the book with me as his ace researcher and writing some sections plus the captions. It’s […]

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Grinding in Frustration

Deb and I normally buy the large, 36 oz. bag of Eight ‘Clock Coffee French Roast at stop & Shop. We buy the whole bean and use their machine to do the grinding and all is well with the world. Last Thursday, I went to stock up and noticed the shelving was all rearranged and not only was the desired brand of coffee missing, so was the grinder. I looked and looked until I decided to go find me a […]

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My Life – An Update

You’re probably wondering what’s going on. I’m certainly not blogging with my usual regularity. Well, the honest answer is: I’m busy. Really busy. Five days a week I continue to do my internship at Darien High School, steeping myself in the environment. It certainly feels comfortable, especially the way faculty treats me as a peer and the students are getting familiar with my presence. It’s a tremendous experience. Three days a week I come home from high school and switch […]

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