Taking Stock

The end of the year is a time to take stock, look back and figure out if this was a good year or a bad year. I think, for me, it was a transitional year. I began – and completed – a Master’s Degree program in education. I also did a full year’s internship at Darien High School al to prepare me for being certified to teach Secondary Education English. As I have written before, the coursework varied from a […]

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Teacher’s Log: Internship’s End

My final week as an intern and fill-in teacher more or less went as scheduled and I have to say the time seemed to zip right by. The World Lit kids had spent last week examining differing retellings of the Cinderella story so Monday we drilled down to the lessons one can learn from Hansel & Gretel. We watched the related Bugs Bunny cartoon and then got into the psychological underpinnings to a story of child abandonment, cannibalism, and the […]

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The Freelance Update

With all the focus on school and graduate school, I’ve had all too little to say about my freelance life. All year long, it has taken a back seat to my other obligations but remains a daily constant. This week we should, at long last, send the Animal Planet project for Silver Dragon Books to the printer.  There were countless delays with approvals or communication while some of the talent I hired missed their deadlines with regularity. Overall, it looks […]

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