Imagining Life After Earth

After toiling in other people’s universes, I have a pretty good idea as to how worldbuilding should be done. I’ve seen it handled well and seen it done not so well. I have certainly contributed to shared worlds such as the Latchkeys universe that is now here and worked within the strictures of the DC Universe and of course, Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. Until now, though, I haven’t had to do any universe building of my own – at nothing […]

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Second Week Student Teaching Thoughts

My second week as a fulltime student teacher was certainly a lively one and it continued to open my eyes into how much time and prep is required. In World Lit Seminar, we were concluding Imagining Argentina and I tried a few tricks to prompt my students into better participation. First, I assigned journal prompts to see if that would have them come in better prepared. I gave two pop quizzes to ensure they were actually keeping up with the […]

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Spring Training is Here and I’m Worried Already

Normally, I am filled with excitement right about now. I wax rhapsodic about the coming of spring as signaled by the Mets’ pitchers and catchers reporting to Port St. Lucie for Spring Training. It is usually a sign of renewal and hope. This year, I felt the anticipation building but without the fervor and the team officially reported yesterday and I still struggle to muster the enthusiasm. I love the team and hope for the best and will try to […]

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