2012: A Look Back

Last day of a tough year, made tougher by yesterday’s news that my longtime, close friend Peter David had a stroke. But, the end of the year brings about a chance for reflection, an opportunity to be reminded of the highs and lows. The highest high is that in May I was awarded my Master’s Degree in Education and the year ended with the state certifying me on the 21st, the last step before employment. I never thought I’d need […]

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The Year in Reading

This year, I tracked all my reading through Goodreads, which kept me honest and allowed me to keep tabs on things I intend to read sooner or later. According to the site, I exceeded my goal of 75 books by three (presuming I finish Target Lancer by New Year’s). As the site’s popularity has grown, I’ve wound up with 308 friends, so each day my Inbox contains a lengthy report of what people have been reading, lusting to read, and […]

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West and Welaxation

I was reminded of the simple comforts in life yesterday. Since Thanksgiving weekend, we’ve been on the go. We spent the weekend down in Maryland then returned home and within 48 hours, a second round of work began on the house. On Friday, we declared the work done and spent the weekend putting things back or cleaning where sawdust crept into cabinets and drawers. It also meant, we finally were able to begin decorating for Christmas and feeling like the […]

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