24…and Counting

At 6 p.m. tonight, Deb and I will be seated side by side on the train home. Somewhere before 6:30 our marriage will have reached the end of the 24th year. We


  • Congratulations! May you have many more wonderful years together.

  • JAG

    CONGRATULATIONS. It’s nice to see people still in love.

  • Congratulations, Bob! It’s been nine years with my wife and I’m looking forward to writing something like this when we hit twenty-four.

  • Michael A. Burstein

    Guess what, Bob? Nomi and I decided to go out to Rubin’s for dinner tonight to celebrate your anniversary. We hope you felt our good vibes as we ate chicken saltimboca and chicken paprikash, followed by chocolate mousse cake, and thought of you guys all the time.

  • Lance Woods

    Congratulations from the entire household, Bob! With just eight years under our marital belts (didn’t marital belts go out of style after the Dark Ages?!), Cindy and I are far from hitting such a milestone ourselves. Until then, we’ll rely on you and Deb to show us how to get there in style.