A Really Cool Birthday Present

At the convention, I was involved a mere one panel, which happened to occur on my birthday and brought me the coolest present ever.

Straight from ComicMix, here are the details:

The third annual presentation of the International Association of Media-Tie-in Writers (IAMTW) “Scribe” awards just went down at San Diego Comic-Con, honoring the best and the brightest in the world of property tie-ins. Awards are voted on by members of the organization.

“These writers, highly prized by fans, receive few reviews and little acclaim, and the Scribe Awards are designed as a step toward properly honoring them,” said Max Allan Collins, president of IAMTW, in a press release.

I know this is what you’re waiting for, so here’s the list of winners:

Best General Fiction Original – CSI: Headhunters by Greg Cox

Best General Fiction Adapted – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by James Rollins

Best Speculative Fiction Original – Star Trek Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers by James Swallow

Best Speculative Fiction Adapted – Hellboy II: The Golden Army by Robert Greenberger

Best Young Adult Original – Primeval: Shadow of the Jaguar by Steven Savile

Best Young Adult Adapted – Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D by Tracey West

The Grandmaster Award – Keith R.A. DeCandido

According to those in attendance, the look of total shock on my face was priceless. Given the other nomoinees, I was so certainly my first straight novelization had no chance of winning. I was totally unprepared to hear my name and was stunned.

I am deeply honored by being recognized by my peers and thank former DH Books editor Rob Simpson for giving me the opportunity to write this book.


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