According to Plan

After plowing ahead this weekend on the Early People book, I’m nearing the end of the first draft, which will leave me plenty of time for polishing and delivery on schedule. It’s been tough, as stated previously given the unique format.

Getting the draft done, hopefully later today, means I can also focus on a business meeting Thursday that should bring me a new assignment. Of course, my focus isn’t what it should be because I was up until 12:45 a.m. running the RTM meeting (its budget season so it was a long night).

And, one of the projects I’ve been talking to people about was sort of formally offered to me yesterday. That is, I have a deadline. I don’t have the full specifications of the project, a word count or a fee, but apparently the company has decided I am the man for the assignment and that’s swell.

As I said, I took Early People largely because it kept me going while waiting for some of these leads to become reality. That and Deb’s interest in the subject.

Now, things seem to be going according to plan and since that happens so rarely, it’s worth noting.