My Terrificon Schedule

I was at the first few Terrificion’s when it was a newbie and my how it has grown. After hearing how cool last year’s show was, I angled to get invited to this year’s shindig. It’s this weekend at Mohegan Sun Casino in the wilds of Connecticut. What makes this year special is that it has the feel, for me, of a high school reunion. I will be sharing panels and have my table adjacent to people I worked with […]

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Nine Years

Nine years. For whatever reason, it hangs heavy this year. Not quite the decade milestone but certainly we’re feeling it more keenly than last year. Go figure. We’ve been down in Maryland four years now and increasingly our circle of friends are people who never knew him. I’m about to work at my second school and there, no one will have known him. Similar to Deb and her work colleagues. While I know life goes on, I miss sharing him […]

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Summer Movie Struggles

Thanks to Deb and accommodating friends, I have been fortunate to see more movies than usual this summer. Some of it was to decide for myself if the buzz was accurate or because I was already predisposed to go and love the film. But, there was also the new feeling of necessity. The time theaters allow a film to find its audience is rapidly dwindling. A good example is War for the Planet of the Apes which opened in mid-July, […]

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