Irons in the Fire Update

One reason I have failed to write here with more regularity is that I have been busy. Not only am I coming up to speed on teaching in my new environment,  but I have been writing as time has permitted, tidying up old and existing projects. As a result, I thought it appropriate to update my Irons in the Fire: Writing Captain America: The Never-Ending Battle has also come to feel like a never-ending project as I continue to make […]

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What’s it Like to Teach in Private School?

It’s hard to believe that we’re hurtling toward the end of the first quarter already. Sure, we started August 24 but wow, it feels fast. I was asked recently what it is like to teach in private school compared with public. First of all, no two private schools are identical so I can only speak about where I am. I adore the freedom to teach as I chose. Upon being hired, I was handed a stack of books and a […]

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