Co-Writing with a Colleague

Once upon a time, I was DC Comics’ Editorial Coordinator, responsible for overseeing lots of things including getting all the work copied and materials shipped to our talent around the world. During my tenure, I had the good fortune for having a reasonably good eye for talent and hired quite a number of people who went on to roles within DC’s editorial department. Some are still there, which I consider remarkable. Not everyone I hired worked out and I wince […]

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I am a Temporary Titan

I’ve gone from being an Eagle to a temporary Titan. My former department chair teaches now at New Town High School in Owings Mills. Oddly, there are three high schools – New Torn, Owings Mills, and Franklin – within something like five miles of each other. She reached out to me three weeks ago with the news that one of her colleagues was about to go on maternity leave and was I interested in filling in? Uh, yeah. Between her […]

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Fangs for the Memories

Earlier this week, word spread that Fangoria, the second greatest horror movie magazine of all time, was shutting down once and for all. Sadly, it seems current writers are getting stiffed on payments owed them. The current owners have done a fine job running the once-great franchise into the ground through a combination of arrogance and neglect. Horror fans are all the poorer for it. I owe my career to Fango. In the spring of 1980, I was applying for […]

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