Fangs for the Memories

Earlier this week, word spread that Fangoria, the second greatest horror movie magazine of all time, was shutting down once and for all. Sadly, it seems current writers are getting stiffed on payments owed them. The current owners have done a fine job running the once-great franchise into the ground through a combination of arrogance and neglect. Horror fans are all the poorer for it. I owe my career to Fango. In the spring of 1980, I was applying for […]

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My Farpoint Schedule

Hard to believe it’s already mid-February and I’m off to Timonium for my annual visit to Farpoint. While smaller than Shore Leave it is no less fun with a more intimate environment. Fewer guests and fewer fans means more time for extended conversations. I’m really excited to see Nicholas Meyer there since the last time I saw him was in his living room when I interviewed him about The Day After for Starlog. It’s been a while. For those attending, […]

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Many Irons in the Tiny Fire

I like to be busy. There are some stretches where time hangs heavy without an active project, and I find that I procrastinate rather than really use the time for personal projects. That’s certainly one of the reasons I resolved to write a short story a month, something to keep me focused. Then there are days where multiple projects demand attention and sometimes it feels like I’m on a treadmill then there’s this week where I am finally feeling like […]

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