Veil Knights Adds Platforms for your Reading Pleasure

Things may seem quiet on the Veil Knights front, but as it turns out, we’ve been quietly biding out time. When the dozen of us comprising Rowan Casey planned our launch, there were compelling reasons to go exclusive with Amazon’s Kindle publishing program. By going that route, we had a really strong sense of how we were doing day to day along with making our releases a part of the Kindle Unlimited program. Let me tell you, those incremental per […]

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Shore Leave 39 After Action Report

I’m tired, plain and simple. We were away in Italy for a pilgrimage, returning on July 4 and then on the 7th, it was the Shore Leave marathon. As a result, the late nights required by the con and a special event Sunday has left me worn out. But the con was good. Shore Leave remains a fun fan-run event which has enjoyed a reputation among celebrities and fans alike. It was a little lighter in attendance than the last […]

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My Shore Leave 39 Schedule

It’s hard to believe it’s time for Shore Leave 39 already. I’ve been coming steadily since SL 3 back in the early 1980s and I delight at how it has grown but retained its intimate, fan-centric experience. I’ve got a rather packed schedule along with playing emcee most of the weekend. For those attending, here’s where you can find me. Given my lighter Sunday schedule, you can find me at the Crazy 8 Press table. Friday Meet the Pros, 10 […]

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