Year in Review: Writing and Editing

With 2017 winding down, I am taking some time to look back and evaluate what sort of professional year it was. As the year began, I was out of work, seeking a school that wanted me fulltime and subbing most days at St. Vincent Pallotti. March saw me do a four-week stint at New Town High in Baltimore County, which was interesting but didn’t really lead to much. On the freelance side, it was productive while not necessarily remunerative enough […]

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As the First Semester Draws to a Close…

We have just five days left to the first semester at school then we go into mid-terms. The transition from teaching in a public school and a private school has been an interesting one with many differences. The biggest adjustment may well be the schedule where most weeks we have a shortened teaching day to accommodate the monthly mass, class competition, or some other school-wide activity. As a result, my 43-minute class can be truncated to as little as 30 […]

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Announcing my Next Project: The JLA’s 100 Greatest Moments

You can’t buy it yet, nor is there a final cover, but over at Amazon, my next project has been posted. The title they have is The 100 Greatest Moments From The Justice League, which has since been modified to Justice League: The 100 Greatest Moments. It’s a 304-page hardcover from Chartwell Books, showing a May 29, 2018 on sale date. There’s no price, but for those keeping score, it carries this ISBN: 978-0785836148. I was recommended by DC Comics […]

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