“The Third Heaven” Coming in May

I’m into my second week at home after the long-term sub gig and I have been rather busy. As I discussed last week, I am writing a Captain America novel. Currently, I am closing in on the completing the first third of the book and might be closer to half-done by the weekend. Just announced this morning, I am also included in eSpec Books’ latest anthology, an original collection of science fiction tales. If We had Known is edited by […]

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I’m Writing a Captain America Novel

Once I met the Marvel Super-Heroes as a series of animated adventures playing weeknights at 7 p.m. on channel 9, I quickly fell in love with them. Ever since, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, sticking with them through great stories and downright lousy ones. Nearly a decade ago, I had the privilege of writing an original Iron Man story, Femme Fatales (still in print!), and the news recently […]

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I’ll be at Great Philadelphia Comic-Con This Weekend

I’ve heard good things about the Great Philadelphia Comic-Con so when my pal Phil Guinta arranged for Crazy 8 Press to be invited as guests this year, I jumped at the chance. As it turns out, I will be joined this weekend by Peter David, Aaron, Rosenberg, and Russ Colchamiro instead of the full seven-member team. Phil and frequent contributor Steven H. Wilson will also be on hand so there should be much merriment between the various tables. Look for […]

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