Stepping onto the Soapbox

I tend not to write here or elsewhere about current events, not because I have nothing to say, but more because I am not interested in being attacked for having an opinion that others may not agree with. That said, I am rather appalled at what is happening in America, not because of who sits in the Oval Office, but more about the inability of Congress to properly represent 350 million Americans, the land we live on, the water we […]

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My Awesome Con Schedule

This coming weekend I will be at Awesome Con, a show I’ve come to enjoy. I had to skip last year due to my graduate classes but am back. I will have a table in Artists’ Alley, selling an assortment of books and chatting with whoever stops by. Additionally, I will be moderating three panels over the show’s first two days. Here’s my schedule for those interested: Getting Started Friday, 6:30-7:15 p.m. in room 152. When a new writer is […]

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Remembering Adam West

In January 1966, I was seven years old and thrilled beyond belief when Batman debuted on ABC. I was fairly new to comics but was already drawn to the Caped Crusader and bought every wacky thing about the live-action series. West had the right vocal tone, the right demeanor so his ultra-straight portrayal worked for my generation while teens and adults could snicker all they wanted. He and Burt Ward were Batman and Robin as far as I was concerned. […]

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