A Fast Five Weeks

On a day by day basis, my long-term substitute gig felt grinding but as I walked out of the school on Friday, it suddenly felt like a rush. The grind had a lot to do with gearing up to try and learn 160 or so student names plus faculty and staff identities. Then, to try and understand each class’ unique persona and where there were strengths and weaknesses to tailor the lessons was a challenge. As it was, I walked […]

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Quick Update

I look up and realize I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve had things happening, things to talk about, and the like but the long-term substitute assignment coupled with a busy freelance side has squeezed out a lot of leisure time. We’re in the final week of my assignment, already, and it felt good to be back in teacher mode. I’ll have some more observations once this is completed. My passion project is humming along and yesterday I received some […]

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Co-Writing with a Colleague

Once upon a time, I was DC Comics’ Editorial Coordinator, responsible for overseeing lots of things including getting all the work copied and materials shipped to our talent around the world. During my tenure, I had the good fortune for having a reasonably good eye for talent and hired quite a number of people who went on to roles within DC’s editorial department. Some are still there, which I consider remarkable. Not everyone I hired worked out and I wince […]

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