Captain America Novel Annotations

As you know, my Captain America novel has been out a week. I haven’t heard any feedback yet but I wanted to have this available to those curious to the various shout outs, references, and details. I had fun mining the Marvel mythos for people, places, and events. Hopefully, it makes for a better read as a result, but you’ll have to tell me. Your feedback here, Amazon, or Goodreads, will be really appreciated. Flashback Sgt. Mike Duffy has been […]

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Anatomy of a Novel

I first pitched a Captain America novel on October 31, 2016.  The first notion was considered too political and controversial, as was the tweaked second pitch. I finally tried something entirely different and that met with approval from Marvel. A revised outline was submitted for review in January and in February, an expanded outline was created. By February 21, I had a chapter by chapter outline set up and I went back and forth with Marvel and my editor at […]

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Irons in the Fire Update

One reason I have failed to write here with more regularity is that I have been busy. Not only am I coming up to speed on teaching in my new environment,  but I have been writing as time has permitted, tidying up old and existing projects. As a result, I thought it appropriate to update my Irons in the Fire: Writing Captain America: The Never-Ending Battle has also come to feel like a never-ending project as I continue to make […]

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