Finished the Captain America Novel

Once the chapter by chapter outline for Captain America; The Never-Ending Battle was approved by both Marvel Comics and Joe Books, I set myself a schedule to ensure that I could have the book done in time for at least one beta reader and still meet the June 15 deadline. I allocated 20 writing days for this 60,000 word book since I average 3000 words or better a day. Fortified with a ton of Marvel-related websites, Matt Forbeck’s Captain America: […]

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Happy Book Day to White Mountain Rising

Out today is the seventh volume in the Veil Knights saga, White Mountain Rising. As you know, Rowan Casey is pseudonym used by the dozen writers behind the series and we have been working in a very collaborative manner. Working with the team has been an education as they parse and analyze marketing ideas and sales data with tremendous knowledge and experience. We have bene slowly worldbuilding along the way and it’s interesting to see how my experience in comics […]

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Trying to Keep my Resolution

So far, keeping this year’s New Year’s Resolution has proven challenging. I had decided that in addition to whatever other writing assignment I had, I would also carve time out for at least one short story, figuring that 12 new stories by year’s end would be lovely. It hasn’t quite been working out that way. In January, I wrote two stories for pay and in March I was a long-term sub which was effectively a fulltime job shoving the paid […]

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