More from Boston

Where was I? Ah yes, the parties. Each night the parties are pretty much the same. You work your way up to the 12th floor and then wander the floor, stoopping at parties of interest and then take the stairs down a floor until you find yourself on 7. Repeat. The Liaden Party, celebrating the nifty Sharon Lee and Steve Miller books, was particularly nice to visit, especially as I ran into David, Deb’s ex-coworker, reading aloud one of the […]

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At WorldCon

I’m sitting here in the lobby of the Sheraton Boiston, using Nomi Burstein’s laptop, checking e-mail and taking a moment to catch you up on activity here at WorldCon. A laptop and wirelss, is just so neat a concept. Sitting beside me, pounding away on his laptop and wireless is our webmaster Glenn. Hi Glenn. Took Amtrak up here on Thursday to avoid traffic and high parking fees. It arrived late and still got me to Boston early. Meandered my […]

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