Just the Facts

A buddy of mine asked this morning if I was going to promote the forthcoming DC Universe Encyclopedia coming this October from DK Books. Since it’s in the current Previews catalogue for order (heck, even cheaper through Amazon), now might be a good time to clue you in. There were two different notions floating through the halls of DC, both trying to come up with a new edition of Who’s Who, still a vital reference source to editors, writers, artists […]

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A 3 Day Weekend Gone

Bob Greenberger Monday morning and back at work. We had Friday off as a company summer holiday–which was very nice. Took Robbie to see Fahrenheit 9/11 on Friday. He prefers Bowling for Columbine but he was riveted regardless. And frankly, any 16 year old who wants to open his eyes to the political realities of our country should be encouraged. Rather thank work on the original fantasy outline, as I had hoped, wound up shopping for a new dishwasher with […]

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