Trapped in a Digital World

Earlier in this blog, I chatted a bit about Cable and my desire for ala carte programming. The lack of choice has kept me from upgrading to Digital Cable despite all the bells and whistles it has advertised (bells and whistles I will likely not need or desire). On Friday, I came home to discover a letter from Cablevision saying my premium cable package is being phased out on September 28. The only way to get HBO and the others […]

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I Need a Vacation

Well, the last few days have been busy. On Friday, DC felt like old home week. After completing work on reviewing proofs for my own books in addition to the Encyclopedia, I went to drop things off and up on 6, ran into Karen Chamberlain, a former co-worked. No sooner do we start chatting then I see Dan Mishkin. Dan and I have been friends since I met him in early 1984 but we see each other way too rarely. […]

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This and That

A quick reminder that I’ll be interviewed on the radio tonight at 11:30. Howard Margolin says it’s been nearly 15 years so surely I’ve come up with something new to say. You can find it on line at Destinies. Meantime, I’ve spent the better part of the last two days going over the final page proofs for the DC Comics Encyclopedia. Phil Jimenez, Ivan Cohen and I have been working our way through the pages, fixing some stylistic problems, correcting […]

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