As the Trading Deadline Looms

The deadline for Major League Baseball trading, without submitting players to the waiver process, is at 4 p.m. EST. All week long, teams have been rumored to be doing this and that but yesterday the dominoes started to fall. The Florida/Los Angeles deal leaves me scratching my head. It seems to help Florida more than LA, although the west coast team did upgrade catchers by acquiring Charles Johnson. We’ll see how this plays out since LA is fighting for the […]

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Television ala carte

For years now, I have had an on again/off again debate with the head guy at Cablevision-Norwalk, the local office for the main company. I’ve been a long-time proponent of ala carte pricing for cable. Why should I be paying for channels when I could care less? I’ve always gotten nowhere, but earlier this year the debate started up again when John McCain (the only Republican I would ever consider electing to the White House) brought it up. I immediately […]

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And now we’re syndicated

Thanks to Nomi Burstein, I have now been syndicated via LiveJournal. I’m not sure if this is anything like being similar to Paul Harvey but it’s kinda neat to know this will be seen by lots of bored people. Deb thinks this will freak Katie out, but she has her own LJ space; it’s nice and personal and I can’t read her innermost thoughts. Which is fine. She’s 18, about to head off to George Washington University and should be […]

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