We’re live!

Glenn tells me we’re live to those interested. The comments section works and all those wishing to chat have to register with TypeKey. It’s a necessary evil but after some horrendous experiences over at Peter’s board, it’s safer this way.

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What’s a Final Frontiersmen?

Well, me. And yes, it’s a Star Trek reference. As many know, I have enjoyed the series since the 1960s and it has been a key part of my life. However, the specific term originated with an old friend, Mike Flynn, when he invited me to share his Rotisserie Baseball team with me. Mike helped found one league, which foundered and then quickly joined the team, founded by Bob Rozakis, that rose from its ashes. Anyway, the Federal League is […]

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Why am I doing this?

Well, gosh, everyone’s doing it. And if everyone were to jump off the bridge, would I follow? When Mr. Siskind first asked me that in fourth grade, I didn’t have a ready answer for him. It was my only run-in with the principal so I got off lucky, I suppose. Today, the answer is, of course not. Still, building a web site to promote one’s self and one’s work has become absolutely acceptable. And blogging looks like so much fun. […]

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