Back from the Con

Lunacon was a lot of fun, possibly our best family experience there yet.

We arrived on Saturday in plenty of time to get oriented to the new hotel before my 10 a.m. panel. The Hilton is about a month behind on its renovations so it had a spiffy if unfinished look and feel. Changing many of the room names at the last minute seemed to confuse matters but we all managed.

The hotel management, though, left something to be desired with last minute charges that meant no coffee in the Con Suite and shifting the Green Room to a small room without coffee, something most of the panelists desperately needed. Also, the hotel had one restaurant which was too small and too pricey for the budget conscious congoer so that caused some concerns.

My first panel was on Comics, no surprise. We gamely talked about what made a hero, what made for a compelling story and the role of continuity. Given the universe redefining events at DC and Marvel now happening, we certainly had plenty to chat about.

Later in the day, I sat next to Rich White and did an hour of autographing duty. Didn’t sign a single book. In fact, I signed no autographs all weekend, which was a first. I watched Rich chat up with UConn students and wished I was watching the GWU-Duke game with Deb and Kate. I knew GWU had an uphill fight but they still should have made it more competitive.

I followed that with the obligatory Star Trek panel which included John Ordover, Dan Kimmel, and Misty Pendragon among others. It was a spirited discussion from the table and from the audience. The consensus is that we still love the concepts that helped make Trek unique but it needs a total rethinking before they go back to that particular well again.

I switched from panelist to audience participant for an hour of West Wing chat which was tremendous fun.

Later that night, I did my trailer park presentation as the Masquerade halftime show and got a good response but ran out of time before I could finish the videos or take questions. Some of the costumes were absolutely jaw-droppingly fabulous and you missed out on some neat craftsmanship.

I visited a few parties, getting a chance to chat with Artist Guest of Honor David Mattingly, whom I haven’t seen in years. I got dispirited at the lack of energy at any of the WorldCon bid parties and turned in relatively (for a con) early.

This morning, after a shoddy workout, I did my final panel, this time on the Year in Comics. We once more had a spirited discussion that was stimulating and the hour flew by.

At noon, I got to sit and watch the Boogie Knights perform. The entire gang was there and the room was packed. They went overtime and had fun performing and they sounded great. Adding the extra voice and adding some percussion has really enriched the overall sound. The audience, still somewhat new to the band, seemed to enjoy themselves.

After lingering to chat with our pals a bit more, we loaded up and headed up as Kate went south, her spring break at an end.

A final note: our webmaster, Glenn, took ill at the con and here’s hoping he’s on his way to a speedy recovery.