As Xavier Einstein:

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As Robert Greenberger:

The DC Comics Encyclopedia (with Phil Jimenez, Scott Beatty and Dan Wallace) / DK Books, 2004

3 essays

You Did What? : Mad Plans and Great Historical Disasters
Edited by Bill Fawcett / Perennial Currents, 2004

Young Adult Non-Fiction:
all published by Rosen Books

Baseball Hall of Famers: Lou Gehrig
Basketball Hall of Famers: Wilt Chamberlain
Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love to Drive
Famous Movie Monsters: Godzilla (2005)
Great Scientific Questions and the Scientists who Answered Them: The Nature of Energy
Gus Grissom: The Tragedy of Apollo 1
A Historical Atlas of Pakistan
Juan Ponce de Leon: The Exploration of Florida and the Search for the Fountain of Youth
The Library of Graphic Novelists: Will Eisner (2005)
Primary Sources of Revolutionary Scientific Discoveries and Theories: Darwin and the Theory of Evolution (2005)




    You wrote an issue of Firestorm?

    Somewhere in my Mom’s house I have the whole run from issue 1-100; which means I read the issue you wrote. What was the plot?

    Who’s Barbara Randall?

    Where can I get a copy of your book on energy?

    And a reply from me wouldn’t be complete without a reference to the DC Challenge, so let me make it relevant — can you also post a bibliography of stuff you edited?

  • Barbara Randall is the name that Barbara Kesel had before she married Karl Kesel.