Bob the Freelancer Update

There hasn’t been all that much activity on the writing front and suspect the first half of 2007 will be on the slow side since I am working on the unnamed project which has a due date of June 15 and honestly, I can only take on so much. But, as I prepare for vacation, I have the following on my plate:

Completed and Awaiting Publication

Cutting Edge Careers: Artificial Intelligence (Rosen)
“Things that Aren’t”, Analog Magazine, April 2007 issue (on sale February)
In the News: Suicide Bombers (Rosen)
“Troubleshooting”, Star Trek: Corps of Engineers (Pocket eBook) (available for download this month, honest!)
Essay for Webslinger – Spider-Man, coming this spring
“Winter in Fairfield”, Fairfield MagazineDelivered to Editor and Awaiting Edits or Proofs

14 essays in You Said What? (William Morrow), made copy editor’s corrections 1/5, awaiting galleys
“Ghost Hunting” in untitled Phantom anthology (Moonstone Books); King Features approved, awaiting copy edited ms.
“Steel and Chrome” in untitled BattleTech anthology; editor indicates project back on line, may see a contract and editorial notes soon
Essay for untitled Wonder Woman collection (BenBella Books); awaiting copy edited ms.
Media tie-in comic book – script in, awaiting approval before announcing
“Only the Best for Cristina Yang” — essay for BenBella Grey’s Anatomy collection – edited and approved, awaiting copy edited ms.

Writing Projects

“Things That Aren’t”-sequel — Michael A. Burstein and I hashed out a rough story
Actionopolis novel – currently being written
Predator: Flesh and Blood – ion the hand of my co-writer, Michael Jan Friedman
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Slings and Arrows Book Five – outline now with Paramount for approval, ms. due July 1.
Back Issue: Round table discussion about Star Trek comic books, being finalized.
Media tie-in novel – first pitch nixed, second pitch with editor
Media tie-in book – Publisher investigating license
Media tie-in book 2 – writing begun in December, due June 15
Original novel – revising proposal
Non-Fiction book collaboration – prepping outline and sample chapter
Essay for Batman essay collection for BenBella – topic pitch to editor December 4