Bob the Freelancer Update

It’s been two months since I moved from the freelancer’s life back to the full-time professional’s life. While I haven’t been idle at home, the pace of my output has certainly shifted. So, this morning, I did a quick review for myself of where I am and share the results.

Completed and Awaiting Publication

Cool Careers Without College for People who Love to Organize (Rosen Books)
“The Landing Party”, Star Trek: Constellations (Pocket Books)
“What Teens Can Do in Fairfield”, Fairfield Magazine
Cutting Edge Careers: Artificial Intelligence (Rosen )
Profile for The Cooperator
Profile for The New Jersey Cooperator
“Things that Aren’t”, Analog Magazine, early 2007

Delivered to Editor and Awaiting Edits or Proofs

In the News: Suicide Bombers (Rosen)
“Troubleshooting”, Star Trek: Corps of Engineers (Pocket eBook)
14 essays in You Said What? (William Morrow), saw edited ms., awaiting galleys
“Ghost Hunting” in untitled Phantom anthology (Moonstone Books)
“Steel and Chrome” in untitled BattleTech anthology
Essay for untitled Wonder Woman collection (BenBella Books)
Essay for Webslinger – Spider-Man collection – copy edited ms. arrived yesterday, due back Monday
Media tie-in comic book – script in, awaiting approval before announcing
“Winter in Fairfield”, Fairfield Magazine

Writing Projects

“Things That Aren’t”-sequel — awaiting brainsatorming time with Michael A. Burstein
Actionopolis novel – currently being written
Media tie-in novel collaboration – awaiting Licensor comments on plot
Custom comic book – samples with editor (now likely dead)
Media tie-in novel – first pitch nixed, researching to try again
Media tie-in book – Publisher investigating license
Media tie-in book 2 – Publisher investigating license
Media tie-in book 3 – Awaiting contract and details to announce my participation
Media tie-in book 4 – Both licensee and licensor have told me they want me to work on a project, with little in the way of details as of now, but it’s nice to be wanted
Original novel – revising proposal
Non-Fiction book collaboration – prepping outline and sample chapter

Editing Projects

Dark Forces — first attempt with talent rejected, project brought in house
7 unannounced Platinum Studios projects – all need artists, offers out to artists; all in various stages of development