Boldly Going

I wrote a while back, lamenting over not writing much for or about Star Trek these days and it appeared that my involvement in the franchise was going to become a fading memory.

Perhaps I wrote too quickly.

Back in August, I was contacted by an editor at Voyageur Press on the recommendation of fellow Trek writer, and Voyageur employee, Scott Pearson. Grace LaBatt kindly asked if I was perhaps interested in tackling an Unauthorized History of Star Trek, tracing not only the TV series but the movies, the spinoffs, the merchandise and most importantly, the fan following that kept the dream alive.

We went back and forth for a while, as I drafted some notes on how to approach such a project so Grace would have something to present to management. Meantime, I asked selected peers about what my writing an unofficial history might do to my moribund relationship with CBS Consumer Products and Pocket Books. I was assured that since no opportunities had been offered in some time, and this was not intended as a hatchet job, then it should be no problem.

The day before the show’s anniversary, I was given a formal offer to write the book. The biggest change over those first few weeks was that the eight months I was promised for the book was now down to four, more or less. The manuscript is due in January which means I have to be working on this while completing my Master’s Degree, internship, and campaign for office.

Deb and I had a long hard talk about it and she was supportive but only if a few things slid off the table so I stepped down from running the townwide campaign for the Democratic Town Committee and the Literature Committee. Done.

Grace sent me contracts, which I signed, and now the book is on their schedule for October 2012, in time for the holiday season and well before Star Trek 2 opens the following summer. I’m very excited about the book because it means I get to interview colleagues, friends, and people whose work I have admired. I get to sift through the twice-told tales of how things happened and try to find the truth. And I get to shine a deserving spotlight on the fans, the conventions, and the fanzines that kept interest in the show active while Paramount dithered.

This will be heavily illustrated and one of the biggest tricks will be to find the stuff that hasn’t made it into Star Trek 365 or Star Trek Vault. We’re up to the challenge but if you have something cool, let me know.

Over the next few months I’ll be talking about the project here, but also over at the official Facebook page for the book. Please go over and give it a “Like” click so you can stay in touch with the progress.

I’m daunted by the deadline but thrilled with the project overall.


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