Book Table

“The Thrill of the Hunt” in Hey Kids, Comics!
A Historical Atlas of Pakistan (Historical Atlases of South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East)
How Do We Know the Nature of Energy (Great Scientific Questions and the Scientists Who Answered Them)
How to Lose a War: More Foolish Plans and Great Military Blunders
How to Lose World War II: Bad Mistakes of the Good War
If we had Known

Iron Man: Femmes Fatales

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Iron Man: Femmes Fatales
Juan Ponce de Leon: The Exploration of Florida and the Search for the Fountain of Youth
Latchkeys: The Ugly Little Bloke
Lou Gehrig (Baseball Hall of Famers)
Meet Godzilla (Famous Movie Monsters)

“Solo” in Mob Magic

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“Solo” in Mob Magic

New Life and New Civilizations

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New Life and New Civilizations
“A Matter of Faith” in Oceans of Space
Outside In Boldly Goes
“Freedom and Liberty” in Pangaea
“Who Is This Man? What Sort of Devil Is He?” in Tales from the Forbidden Zone

Predator: Flesh and Blood

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Predator: Flesh and Blood
“A God Walks into a Bar” in ReDeus: Divine Tales
“The Wanderer” in ReDeus: Beyond Borders
“Damn Kunnula” in ReDeus: Native Lands
“Making a Difference” in The Side of Good / The Side of Evil
Stan Lee’s How to Write Comics: From the Legendary Co-Creator of Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Iron Man
“Hour of Fire” in Enterprise Logs (Star Trek)
Star Trek: The Disinherited (Star Trek: The Original Series #59)
“The Landing Party” in Star Trek: Constellations
Doomsday World (Star Trek: The Next Generation #12)
The Romulan Stratagem (Star Trek: The Next Generation #35)
A Time to Love (Star Trek:TNG #5)
A Time to Hate (Star Trek:TNG #6)
Doors Into Chaos (Star Trek: Gateways #3)
What Lay Beyond (Star Trek: Gateways #7)
A Weary Life (Star Trek: Slings and Arrows #5)
“Past Life” – Starfleet Corps of Engineers #15
Wrath of the Prophets (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #20)
“Command Code” in Star Trek: Voyager – Distant Shores