After Earth: United Rangers Corps Survival Manual

After Earth: United Rangers Corps Survival Manual
Series: After Earth
Genres: Media Tie-In, Science Fiction
ASIN: 1608872351
ISBN: 1608872351
One of Insight Studios' patented In Universe books, it is lavishly illustrated and really shows the potential of the After Earth universe. This was a lot of work but the results were worth it.
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About the Book

Go beyond After Earth with this unique, in-universe journey into the world of the United Ranger Corps. From the history of the Rangers, to humanity’s exodus from Earth, and the ongoing battle against the Skrel, a fearsome alien race, the United Ranger Corps Survival Manual immerses you in the After Earth universe. Study the secrets of ghosting—the art of singlehandedly slaying the vicious Ursa—and complete your mastery of the cutlass, a Ranger’s greatest weapon, as you discover what it takes to be one of Nova Prime’s elite. Filled with interactive elements, including a schematic of the Ranger base, a complete guide to the highly evolved animals of Earth, and even a handwritten journal entry from Cypher Raige, the United Ranger Corps Survival Manual is the essential companion to the After Earth film.

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