Gus Grissom: The Tragedy of Apollo 1

Gus Grissom: The Tragedy of Apollo 1
Genres: Biography, Non-fiction
Tag: Rosen Publishing
ASIN: 0823944581
ISBN: 0823944581
I felt the general public got a bad impression of Grissom from the film version of The Right Stuff and was honored to get a chance to put his life into a better perspective.
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About the Book

Gus Grissom learned to fly airplanes during his stint in the army. He became a leading fighter pilot in the Korean War, was a pilot, and would soon take his place NASA’s first generation of astronauts in its pioneering pursuit of space travel. His story ended in fiery tragedy in a launch explosion. This fascinating, inspiring, ultimately tragic life story is told compelling detail, accompanied by full-color NASA photographs.

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