Can Justin Timberlake act?

An IM conversation with Katie (reprinted with permission):

Bob: Can Justin Timberlake act?

Katie: Justin Timberlake can womanize. And pout. Why? What terrible casting just occured?

Bob: New Line is about to announce him as Iron Man.




Bob: I had a similar notion.


Katie: I hope New Line truly suffers for it.

Bob: But New Line is Time Warner, I want us to proifit at Marvel’s expense, but not necessarily this way.

Katie: DAaaaaaaaamn.

Katie: This sucks.

Bob: Nick Cassavettes is directing and Timberlake is a far cry from Tom Cruise who wanted to play Tony Stark/Iron Man some years back.

Katie: Tom Cruise would make a perfect Iron Man. Timberlake is a whiny, blond pretty boy.

Bob: sigh. thank you for the confirmation of my fear.

Katie: NP. 🙂


  • But..but..New Line did those wonderful Lord of the RIngs movies! How could they also be responsible for this?

  • Bob:

    I think Katie shows her acumen above and beyond her selection of college.

    And then… then I remember that nobody believed that Michael Keaton could play BATMAN.

    Look at it this way: My spouse didn’t think that Tom Cruise could act well enough to play IRON MAN, either.

  • Pierce Askegren

    New Line has since announced that there is no truth to this.

  • Eliz Flynn

    Given the contrast between Timberlake and Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise could do Chekov and Shakespeare. Can Timberlake read? Not sure. And for your information, Bob, we own Marvel stock. We’re doomed, we’re doomed!

  • David W Smith

    That has got to be the worst idea since “Lets hire Halle Berry to play Catwoman”.

  • I don’t know. Was Halle Berry the problem with Catwoman, or was it the story? And maybe the costume designer.

  • Roger Tang

    Hmph. I can take elements from the movie and make a far more compelling movie. And I’m a comedy writer, myself…

    [Hm. Near death experience releases inhbitions to explain the near superhuman abilities…Halle Berry…cat and mouse game with an alpha male….yeah, that could work…]

  • Just shaking my head here, wondering what the Devil’s going on with Hollywood Central, Hollywood North, and so forth. Someday, it’ll make sense, I’m certain of that much.