What Kind of Year has it Been?

This wasn’t the year I was expecting nor am I in a place I ever imagined for myself at 58 but if I have proven anything over time it’s that I can roll with the punches and keep moving. Education In the first part of the year, I watched my hopes for staying at Owings Mills High School crumble beneath me as my contract was not renewed. It was tough to hear as I had grown very fond of my […]

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My Baltimore Comic-Con Schedule

Baltimore Comic-Con has become my go to show to catch up with friends and colleagues, checking out what’s new, and reveling in being a fan. However, I also get to moderate a handful of panels each year and my schedule this weekend is chock full of coolness. Friday Stories I Haven’t Yet Told, Rooms 347-348, 5:00-6:00 Writers are storytellers but not every comics writer can find the right venue for a story they want to tell. What stories remain lurking in their […]

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Taking Pride in the Suicide Squad Movie

When editors are doing their jobs, they get the best out of their talent. Sometimes that means picking the talent and unleashing them, much as I did with Grant Morrison and Richard Case on Doom Patrol. Other times, you get marching orders and like them or not, you produce as professional and commercial a project as you can which I did on numerous occasions. Every now and then, though, you’re in on the moment of creation and magic happens. An […]

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