My Farpoint Schedule


Thanks to the blizzard and the rapid advance of time, suddenly it is time for Farpoint. Once the little sibling to Shore Leave, the show has forged its own identity over the last few years. Small in size but packed with talent, the con is a relaxing and fun way to spend a weekend. My schedule for this year looks like this: Bob Greenberger            Saturday              10:00 AM The usual assortment of movie trailers (as curated by the estimable Glenn Hauman), […]

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Join me Back on Pangaea

Pangaea title

I enjoy worldbuilding. It probably has to do with growing up with the words “to seek new life forms and new civilizations…:” rattling in my head with great regularity. I loved playing with the DC Universe characters, helping reshape the universe in the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths. I adored collaborating to craft new worlds to set stories when Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman and I collaborated on several Star Trek novels (one with estimable Carmen Carter). We clicked […]

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Looking Forward to Exploring Pangaea

I have grown up exploring strange new worlds. The thrill of discovery never grows old and I think that is one of the main reasons why I continue to enjoy writing fiction. While at Farpoint last week, I posted a series of questions to Mike Friedman, getting him to elaborate on the thinking behind life on Pangea. After all, if I intend on writing a story on this alternate Earth, I want to understand the ins and outs as best […]

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