Looking Forward to Exploring Pangaea

I have grown up exploring strange new worlds. The thrill of discovery never grows old and I think that is one of the main reasons why I continue to enjoy writing fiction. While at Farpoint last week, I posted a series of questions to Mike Friedman, getting him to elaborate on the thinking behind life on Pangea. After all, if I intend on writing a story on this alternate Earth, I want to understand the ins and outs as best […]

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The Farpoint After Action Report

On the one hand, small shows are great. You have more time to chat with fans or friends, there is less stress on your schedule, and it’s easier to maneuver through the hotel. The flipside, though, is that if you plan on signing and selling a lot of material, your chances diminish. With fewer than anticipated at Farpoint, thank you weather gods, I was a bit disappointed with selling just three books. The rest of the show, though, was a […]

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My Farpoint Schedule

If it’s President’s Day weekend, then it must be time for Farpoint. I’ll be back in Timonnium this weekend to see fans, friends, and hopefully sell some books and talk up new projects such as Pangaea. The committee has decided to work me hard so here’s my schedule: Friday Farpoint Book Fair, 10:00-Midnight, Dulaney 1-2 Saturday Bob Greenberger, 10:00-11:00 AM, Greenspring An hour dedicated to all things me. I’ll talk about Sherlock Holmes: Murder at Sorrow’s Crown, Pangaea, and other new projects. […]

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