Year in Review: Writing and Editing

With 2017 winding down, I am taking some time to look back and evaluate what sort of professional year it was. As the year began, I was out of work, seeking a school that wanted me fulltime and subbing most days at St. Vincent Pallotti. March saw me do a four-week stint at New Town High in Baltimore County, which was interesting but didn’t really lead to much. On the freelance side, it was productive while not necessarily remunerative enough […]

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Irons in the Fire Update

One reason I have failed to write here with more regularity is that I have been busy. Not only am I coming up to speed on teaching in my new environment,  but I have been writing as time has permitted, tidying up old and existing projects. As a result, I thought it appropriate to update my Irons in the Fire: Writing Captain America: The Never-Ending Battle has also come to feel like a never-ending project as I continue to make […]

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Standing with Trek Against Trump Against the Haters

Away from social media, I am a political guy. Regular readers may recall all the work I did as an elected official in Fairfield. Not so much (yet) in Maryland but that doesn’t mean I don’t have political opinions. I normally keep them to myself on social media, with rare exceptions. Last week was one of those time when I was asked to lend my name to a new event, Trek Against Trump. It was explained to me by Glenn […]

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