Thoughts on Star Trek Beyond


James T. Kirk has never been focused on family. In the Prime Universe, he had a dead brother and sister-in-law and a surviving nephew but other than one episode, we never heard about them again. When Carol Marcus was pregnant, they agreed, he’d stay away and honored that until circumstances brought them together. In the Kelvin Universe, Kirk is haunted by his father’s memory. His recklessness, as seen in the 2009 reboot, is a result of his father not being […]

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Shore Leave 38 After Action Report


I have fallen out of the blogging habit, something I mean to correct starting here. Shore Leave 38 is now a fond memory and as usual, I had a wonderful, albeit tiring, time. The show remains a fixture in the Hunt Valley Inn and it has become a gathering spot for my fellow author, many of whom I now see only once or twice a year. Of course, I want to sit and talk, share a drink and some facetime, […]

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My Shore Leave 38 Schedule

Shore Leave logo 2

Shore Leave 38 kicks off on Friday and it will feel, once more, like a family reunion as I reconnect with my far-flung writing peers and see old friends. The schedule is chock full of panels I want to be on or sit in on, far more than time allows. Barring last minute changes, here’s my schedule of where to find me when not at the Crazy 8 Press table. Friday Meet the Pros, 10-Midnight Come by and buy a […]

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