Standing with Trek Against Trump Against the Haters

Away from social media, I am a political guy. Regular readers may recall all the work I did as an elected official in Fairfield. Not so much (yet) in Maryland but that doesn’t mean I don’t have political opinions. I normally keep them to myself on social media, with rare exceptions. Last week was one of those time when I was asked to lend my name to a new event, Trek Against Trump. It was explained to me by Glenn […]

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Talking Outside In Boldly Goes

What feels like a million years ago but was actually more like three, I was invited to be one of 117 authors to contribute essays to a book in ATB Publishing’s Outside In series. They’ve done other media properties but tackled Star Trek aiming to have this mammoth work out in time for the 50th Anniversary. Yesterday, the social media onslaught began as you can tell but I wanted to talk a little bit more about it here. First of […]

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Saluting 50 Years of Star Trek

Although Gene Roddenberry first conceived of Star Trek in 1964, today we celebrate its 50th anniversary as it debuted on NBC. For a number of reasons having to do with post-production optical effects and editing, the network decided to open with a monster-of-the-week episode, “The Man Trap”, rather than the second pilot, which introduced us to Captain James T. Kirk or the first story filmed for the first season “The Corbomite Maneuver”. As a result, it took audiences a while […]

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