Crazy 8 Press Pricing Discussion

As many of you know, Crazy 8 Press is nearing its July 8 debut so the six of us have been ratcheting up our efforts to get the word out and prepare for the launch. Yesterday, though, the pricing debate was renewed and Peter David, our lead author, has posed the question to readers.

While many seem to have found success selling works at $.99, others argue that devalues the work and it should be higher but not as high as a paperback cover price, which averages $7.99 these days.

The feedback from our core audience is vital so if you have some thoughts on the matter, I urge you to click over to Peter’s blog and offer your own opinion.

Our offerings are intended to made available in all electronic formats in addition to POD for those craving a physical book and that pricing is entirely Peter’s call. Also, each author in the collective has the right to set the price for their own works so for now, this conversation is limited to The Camelot Papers.

More about C8 in the coming weeks.

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