Feeling Just a Little Pressure

It’s all a little dizzying. The last week or so has been packed with stuff, some I can talk about, some I’d rather not, and some I just can’t discuss as yet. Still, all totaled, life has been busy.

While I await word on one fulltime job, I am inching ever closer to having enough freelance to make a go of it by staying home. Two different sources have talked about starting paying me weekly come December 1, which would be just lovely, if things go as planned. The problem is, since I left Weekly World News, every option that sounded promising has either taken far longer than anyone has imagined or fizzled. It’s a bit of uncertainty that keeps me preoccupied from time to time.

As it is, I do have commitments and I am trying to make time for them all so as not to leave anyone hanging. The problem is developing the self-discipline to deal with them all and still leave time for my own personal projects. At dinner Friday night, a friend challenged me to have the outline to the original novel done by December 31. Deb thinks it can be done and took his side. I’ve accepted the challenge and we’ll see what happens.

One positive thing is that an editor friend called on Thursday and offered me an assignment out of the blue. I signed the requisite Non Disclosure Agreement and await contract and other vital details, but I look to be spending December writing a 70,000 word novel. The interesting thing is if all goes according to schedule, I will suddenly have two books and a short story all in print next June. Weird.

Speaking of writing, I shared some thoughts on the writers’ strike the other day but an e-mail pal, Doris Egan, has done a wonderful job putting the writer’s point of view into context. I strongly urge you to give it a read.

And, with everything else going on, Deb and I decided to get a jump on our holiday shopping. Two days later, we’re largely done although there is still much wrapping to be done in addition to figuring out appropriate stocking stuffers, which gets tougher as the kids get older. But, having this much done before December gets nuts is a good thing.