At long last, I can talk about my collaboration with Mike Friedman. Some many months ago, Mike called and mentioned that he was offered a Predator novel by our pal, Rob Simpson, editor at DH Books. Mike is a careful freelancer, charting out his calendar and knows what he can and cannot fit. This would be a tight squeeze on his own, but with some help, he could manage.

Mike and I have collaborated on numerous Star Trek projects so we knew our styles would mesh well in addition to our work habits. He put together an outline for 20th Century-Fox’s approval and we began to wait. Days turned to weeks, April turned to May and the June deadline was beginning to look impossible. June became August and Rob admitted the schedule would need adjusting.

Finally, we got the green light to proceed and there’s even a cover already! Mike is at work on fleshing out the outline and then will begin the writing so he gets a feel for the world and its characters then turn things over to me to begin pounding out a first draft.

I like Predator the movie and think these intergalactic hunters can be fun to work with. Certainly a change of pace as far as my writing goes.

I’ll keep you posted regarding an actual publication schedule for Preadotr: Flesh & Blood.

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  • David Oakes

    I know it’s not reaaly cricket to mention typos, but I for one would be really interested in the adventures of Preadotr, the half-alien Viking shield maiden…