For Your Consideration

Once upon a time, I used to receive comps of everything DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and assorted other publishers used to put out. It was one of the all-time perks you could expect from a company.

But, there still titles I wanted to read and had to buy so I began subscribing to Westfield Comics and was a regular for many years. I made some good friends there including KC Carlson and Donald Propsom (remind me to tell you about Donald and Katie one of these days). When Deb lost her job for the first time, Westfield kindly comped that month’s order to help our financial adjustment – these were friends.

Over time, my needs changed and I stopped being a regular subscribed but have continued to support and recommend the company given their customer service and product catalogue.

Today, I begin a new chapter in my relationship with the company as I become their latest regular blogger.

The goal in  For Your Consideration will be to spotlight collected editions in that month’s Previews catalogue that younger readers might gloss over because they’re less obvious options. I’ll be doing this twice a month and in time may expand what we talk about over there.

If your local store is too far away or you prefer having discounted comics delivered to your door, I strongly recommend my pals over at Westfield. If you just can’t get enough of me, then check back there regularly to see what I have to say.


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