Forthcoming Events

Here’s something a little unusual.

The book is still being written, let alone edited and approved, but AVPGalaxy today posted an interview with me regarding Predator: Flesh & Blood.

Meantime, Mike and I will be in a better position to discuss the book, and everything else under the sun, at Farpoint this February. They just finalized their guest list which I will share:

From Firefly/Serenity and The 4400 – SUMMER GLAU

From Star Trek: First Contact and SciFi Channel’s Dune and Children of Dune – Alice Krige

From Battlestar Galactica – Richard Hatch

Producer of Star Trek II, III, IV and V – Harve Bennett

Peter David – Author
Kathleen David – Editor and Puppeteer
NEW CD Premiere Party with The Boogie Knights
Marc Okrand
Prometheus Radio Theatre
Bob Greenberger – Editor
Howie Weinstein – Author
Michael Jan Friedman – Author
Keith RA DeCandido – Author
Terri Osborne – Author
Web Episode Premiere from Starship Farragut
Newest Web Episdoe from New Voyages
Lolita Fatjo – Production Coordinator, ST:DS9 and Voyager

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