Getting Organized

For those who know me well, my next assignment for Rosen Books will amuse you. It certainly amused my longtime pal Marty Pasko, who complains I’m trying to run his life. Normally, I reply that someone has to do it since he dithers over everything short of how to tie his shoes.

My loyal editor, Joann Jovinelly, asked if I’d handle another title in their series Cool Careers Without College. During my hiatus between jobs, I accepted one that had been abandoned by a different writer and it was tough. However, nothing else is being offered and I recognize I need something with a deadline to get me out of my writing funk.

So, for my next trick…

Cool Careers Without College for People who love to Organize.

Joann and I have been doing basic research, trying to find at minimum a dozen different jobs that would apply. We came up with the following list:

  • Personal Assistant
  • Political Fundraiser
  • Job Counselor
  • Retail Manager
  • Wedding/Party Planner
  • Event Organizer/Coordinator
  • Trade Show Organizer
  • Professional Organizer
  • Life Coach
  • Assistant Operations Manager
  • Planner/Assistant Planner – retail sales
  • Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or do any of you perform the above jobs and want to chat with me about it?
    Assistant Inventory Planner


    • How about advertising traffic manager?

    • darrik

      Would gardener work?

    • Bob Jones

      The Military.
      I learned Arabic and Greek and met some of the most outstanding people I could ever have hoped to meet in this lifetime.

    • gormuu

      Website designer? Much of what can be learned about it to do it effectively hardly requires a college education.

    • JAG

      I work as a QA manager, and used to work in operations. Send me an email if you would like.

    • jag

      I thought you would see my email. use

    • Paul1963

      How about Business Practices Consultant, or whatever those ISO 9000 certification outfits do? That’s always struck me as a great racket: “Okay, I can’t find a job I want to do. Hey! Maybe I can tell other people how to do their jobs and get them to pay me for it!”


    • Bret

      Disc Jockey is another. E-mail me if you have any questions.

    • Rianna Pitts-Bemis

      You may want to throw the often forgotten but sage advice that these careers may not be all roses and glamor. I know a fellow nurse practitioner who was a professional wedding planner and wedding cake designer for many years. She told me she often felt guilty about spending all that time making elaborate wedding cake designs for practically unknown couples, yet having only enough energy to spew out a simple box cake for her own children’s birthdays.

    • I am a retail manager. I also have college under the belt.

      But hey, if you want to drop me a line, feel free. 🙂

    • Restaurant manager. I saw enough managers come through in my time that I had to question if they even had a high school education. But you need to be organized and know where your sales figures are. For an industry that deals with people on a daily basis, the powers that be forget that it is people they are dealing with and not statistics.

    • You can’t be 70815 serious?!?