Happy Passover/Easter

And another week comes to a close.

For the book on AI careers, I’ve conducted several interviews with some fascinating people. I only get the gist of what they’re talking about never having studied higher math or philosophy or programming. What they’re doing is remarkable and the changes to our lives in the years ahead look pretty bright. I have no clue how they’re doing this, but I know that people who read this book will see an endless horizon of possibilities so that’s cool. Conducting the final interview on Monday and then I can complete the manuscript and make the deadline.

Meantime, my marvelous pals in midtown have offered me a little writing for a project and we’ll chat about that once things are further along.

This morning I received the copyedited manuscript to “The Landing Party”, my story for Star Trek: Constellations and my editor, Marco Palmieri, did a fine job. Nothing to quibble with here and the story is likely stronger for his ministrations. In reviewing it, I remain quite pleased with the tale.

We’re off to Washington this weekend for Easter with Katie. The weather promises to be warm, damp but warm, and spring will certainly be in the air.

May everyone have a peaceful, joyous weekend.


  • daniel bonner

    and a happy passover/easter to you, my friend. You might want to check those astrological aspects re early januarys for some info re cycles and stuff … from this viewpoint it looks like you’re doing (or about to) better than ever, faith rewarded and all that … I dunno, I was just thinking of you. Can’t say why, can’t say why not.

    Take care, bob

    dann bonner

  • KT

    Hey, thanks for coming down. I hope you guys enjoyed the weather and I’ll see you in a month!

  • DinoBoy

    Dear Mr. Greenberger, Looking forward to Star Trek and The Phantom. Happy Easter.

  • I live at 55808 Commonwealth in Seattle. Been up here before?