I-Con Revised

Once it became clear that there was a communications snafu, several of the wonderful folk over at I-Con did a little rearranging of the schedule to open up a slot for Trailer Park. This well-attended and eagerly anticipated event will now be squeezed into a full Sunday.

I also need to apologize to Keith DeCandido for somehow leaving his name out of the Saturday at 4 panel.

Here is the revised list:


4pm: “The Business of Publishing Part 2: The Authors Perspective”
(SAC 302). With Terry McGarry (moderator), Robert Greenberger, Aaron Rosenberg, Keith DeCandido, and Terri Osborne.

7pm: “Greenberger and Rozakis Explain it All” (SAC 305). Two generations of Greenbergers (me and Robbie) and Rozakis (Bob and Chuck) find a way to fill an hour and hopefully stay on topic.


10am: “Exclusivity: The Growing Trend and What it Means for the Industry” (SAC 305). Marc Andreyko, Chuck Rozakis, Peter David and me. If I have to be up early, at least I get to meet Marc who’s doing a terrific job on Manhunter.

11am: “How Comics Make Money: Web and Print” (SAC 305). Chuck Rozakis, J. Rosenberg, and me. Nice topic, damned if any of us have an answer.

12:30pm: “Trailer Park” (Javits 100) Movie trailers and sneak peeks of films coming out between April and December. Questions, answers and more.

2pm: “What’s New at DC: One Year Later One Year Later” (SAC 308). I seem to be the only one listed when Comics GOH Jimmy Palmiotti and Marc Andreyko are the ones who should really be doing this.

This is a very full schedule and I get to play author, comics historian, and movie shill. Should be fun. My one regret now is that I am scheduled opposite the Brobdignagian Bards on both days.

One comment

  • Yeah, Mark’s doing a great job on Manhunter, but we all know it’s really the inker carrying that book. 🙂 🙂

    See you on Saturday, Bob! Don’t forget to grab your ComicMix t-shirt from Glenn.