IDW Confirms my Captain Garrett One-Shot

Mark Martinez over at Trek Movie reviews this week’s Captain’s Log, a one-shot focusing on Captain Harriman. Niftily written by Marc Guggenheim and well illustrated by Andrew Currie, it’s worth a look.

At the end of his review, he confirms the next three releases in the series and we can finally start talking about this, something I alluded to back in 2009.

Mark wrote:

IDW hasn’t solicited any new comics in the Captain’s Log series yet, but IDW tells TrekMovie there are three more to look forward to, finishing out the series by the end of the year. IDW has lined up a stellar group of creators for the rest of the captains, including Robert Greenberger’s return to Star Trek comics. Here is the schedule as far as we know

•    September:  Pike (TOS) by Stuart Moore, with art by J. K. Woodward.
•    October/November: Jellico, by Keith R. A. DeCandido, art by Gordon Purcell
•    November/December: Garrett by Robert Greenberger, art by George Freeman

All in all, five Star Trek veterans and a fellow who’s worked on Captain Canuck, The X-Files and Elvira. What’s not to like about this scenario?

Even though George has had the script since last fall, I have yet to see any of the artwork and have to admit to being understandably curious. My editor, Scott Dunbier, assures me all is well.

Still, I want to see this, it’s been a while. The story takes many cues about characterization and crew from Ilsa Bick’s Garrett novel, Well of Souls, a part of the Lost Years event, so I tip my digital cap in her direction.

I’m also delighted to see my old pal Gordon Purcell once more drawing Trek, working with another close friend, Keith (Krad the Obscure to many of you).


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