I’m Still Here

It’s really weird. I blog, I tweet, I update regularly at Facebook and thought I was doing a fairly good job at getting the word out that I remain regularly employed with a variety of freelance projects  coming out.

And yet…and yet, the following item ran last night at Rich Johnston’s far better read Bleeding Cool:

“Bob Greenberger was a senior editor, working for DC Comics’ Collected Edition department. At the beginning of 2006, Bob was reportedly let go over an error with the Golden Age Hawkman Archive. There was much renting of cloth at the time from some appreciative archive collectors.

“But while Bob has worked for DC’s Licensed Publishing division as well as their Creative Services department since, I understand he is finally returning to the DC universe proper. Something many will be happy to hear.”

“According to Bob Greenberger’s LinkedIn profile he ‘begins work on a long-term assignment for DC Comics’ Editorial Department.’ The nature of the project is unknown. But it’s good to be back, Bob.”

I’m now receiving e-mails from folk I haven’t talked to in ages, congratulating me. It’s like I came back from the dead as opposed to being mentioned on a popular website.

To clarify, I am not on staff at DC but am doing my first freelance work for the Editorial department since leaving the company in 2006. I’ve regularly done with for the company and maintain good relations with everyone over there. In fact, I spent the day there yesterday, discussing my project, when it’ll be announced, when it’ll be released and so on. Everyone has been enthusiastic which is heartening.

Stay tuned.


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