My Farpoint Schedule

Hard to believe it’s already mid-February and I’m off to Timonium for my annual visit to Farpoint. While smaller than Shore Leave it is no less fun with a more intimate environment. Fewer guests and fewer fans means more time for extended conversations.

I’m really excited to see Nicholas Meyer there since the last time I saw him was in his living room when I interviewed him about The Day After for Starlog. It’s been a while.

For those attending, here’s my schedule:


10:00 pm – Midnight

The usual Meet the Authors party where we display our latest and greatest so we can greet, sell, and sign.


Bob Greenberger
Greenspring — 10:00 am
Bob talks movies… and TV… and other stuff…(aided and abetted by Glenn Hauman, as usual)

Writing Workshop (2 hrs)
Chesapeake 1 — 12:00 noon
Get the pros to help polish your masterpiece!
Howard Weinstein, Bob Greenberger, Dave Galanter, Kelly Meding

Crazy 8 Press
Chesapeake 1 — 4:00 pm
An hour-long panel with members of Crazy 8 Press to discuss current and future publications.
Peter David, Bob Greenberger, Michael Jan Friedman, Aaron Rosenberg, Glenn Hauman


The Bob & Howie Show
Greenspring — 10:00 am
Books, movies, tv, baseball. The important things in life. Bob Bob Greenberger, Howard Weinstein

The Music Behind the Authors
Chesapeake 1 — Sun 2/19/17 — 11:00 am
What do authors listen to for inspiration? Are there types of music better suited to inspire different genres of writing?
Bob Greenberger, Don Sakers, T. Eric Bakutis, Heather Hutsell

Sci Fi Fights
Dulaney Valley 2 — 1:00 pm
Only the audience is guaranteed to survive….
Tim Van Blarcom, Bob Greenberger, Keith DeCandido
As reigning champion from last year, I intend on prevailing yet again.

Reading As A Writer
Chesapeake 1 —  3:00 pm
Reading books not just for pleasure, but also to see how other writers make things work in their stories. Phil Margolies, Bob Greenberger, Steven H. Wilson, Kelly Meding, Mike D’ambrosio

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