My I-Con Schedule

I’ve been coming to I-Con since the very first one and here we go again…

The con will be away from Stony Brook this year and I’ve been assured that all my programming will be in one hotel, allowing me to run away now and then to keep working on Superman entries.

My schedule is below for those interested. If you attend, please come say howdy.


11–12:30 (Josephine room) Summer Movie Previews — Bob Greenberger

1:30–2:30 (Napoleon room) Under the Radar: What Comics Are You Missing? — Carl Fink, Bob Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Chuck Rozakis, Andy Weir, Bernie Hou

2:30–3:30 (Napoleon room) Comics: Crossover Events — Bob Greenberger, Tom Brevoort, Bob Rozakis, Greg Pak


12:30–1:30 (Matisse room) Writing for Diverse Media — Bob Greenberger, Peter David, Joe Kelly, Larry Hama, Glenn Hauman, Andy Weir

2–3 (Bonaparte room) Summer Movie Previews — Bob Greenberger

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