My Shore Leave Schedule

The schedule for this year’s Shore Leave con remained in a bit of flux until last night but now, mere hours before I head over to the refurbished Hunt Valley Inn, I wanted to let you know where to find me.


6 p.m. Sci-Fi Squares, Valley Room

7 p.m. Crazy 8 Presents Youth Workshop: Plotting, with Michael Jan Friedman, Derby Room

10 p.m. Meet the Pros, come and say hello, buy a book, get an autograph, take a picture.


10 a.m. Me, talking writing, school, new projects and of course, showing movie trailers, accompanied by Glenn Hauman. (Note: we have extra time this year, running until 11:20.)

12:40 p.m. All Roads Lead to Holmes, Salon A. I will be joining the panel in progress where I will extol the virtues of Sherlock and my forthcoming The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Murder at Sorrow’s Crown, cowritten with Steven Savile.

1 p.m. All Kinds of Writing Workshop, Concierge. I will once more be joining my esteemed peers halfway through the presentation.


10 a.m. The Bob & Howie Show,Hunt Room. Now in its fourth decade. What on earth is left to talk about? Come and find out.

Noon Crazy 8 Press, Salon F. Come join us as we celebrate our fourth anniversary and talk about what we’ve learned and what’s coming next.

1 p.m. Crazy 8 Presents Youth Workshop: Worldbuilding, with Aaron Rosenberg and Glenn Hauman, Derby Room

2 p.m. eSpc Books, Salon A. The publisher of the forthcoming The Side of Good/The Side of Evil anthology, now in its final days over at Kickstarter (we really, really, really could use your support).

5 p.m. Mystery Trekkie Theater, Hunt/Valley. Which episode from which series will be skewered by Peter Daivd, Mike Friedman and me this time? Wouldn’t you like to know.

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