My Son the Scholar

Several of the people who organize Shore Leave are teachers and have therefore spoken well of Towson University. When Robbie started talking about becoming a teacher, they advised him to check it out.

Last August, we did. It was a week or two before classes began and the Admissions people were unavailable. In fact, no one was willing to help us nor did the people in the Education department get back to Robbie prior to our arrival.

So, we drove around. He liked the look of the campus. It as fine, although Deb and I were concerned it was too large. We read up on the school and decided that he’d be lost there and needed something a bit smaller. But he insisted on applying, making it his “reach” school.

We allowed him this opportunity since, well, you never know.

Now we know. Robbie was accepted to Towson University today.

He’s thrilled and we’re very proud of this accomplishment. He’ll still be attending Central Connecticut State University in the fall (they took him in December so those wheels were set in motion a while ago).

Still, I salute my son!


  • gormuu

    Congratulations, Robbie!!!

  • Jackie

    Congrats Robbie!

  • Congratulations to Robbie!

  • Lance Woods

    I don’t know whether to feel old because someone I’ve known since infancy is going to college, or just feel weirded out because he’ll be going to college practically down the street from my office in Timonium.

    Doesn’t matter; great news all around. Congratulations, Robbie.

  • You don’t know me, but I wanted to drop you a line.

    First off, that’s fantastic news. It was only a few years ago I had to deal with getting into college and I know how happy your son must be. You must be so proud, that really is fantastic.

    About why I’m dropping this comment. I was speaking to Michael Burstein about Firestorm recently via e-mail. I needed his help in confirming some info I only half-remembered about Cliff Carmichael’s SUICIDE SQUAD days for my Firestorm profile (I write profiles/character histories for He went to you and you gave him a plethora of info that I hadn’t expected and that is greatly helpful. I wanted to say thanks very much for your time and care. Seriously, that was very nice and I’ll be mentioning you directly in the article.

    On a sidenote, I enjoyed A Time To Love (I always wished NEMESIS had been a half-hour longer to deal more with Ryker) and I think it’s crap about the DC firing.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to ramble. Again, thanks very much.

  • Bob Ahrens

    Robbie (and Bobbie)

    Great News!

    TU has always been a great school, probably one of the best liberal arts schools around. Nice to see it has a national reputation. I know it’s a big place but nothing like College Park. Robbie won’t be a total stranger there… Rachel has shown a deep desire to attend Towson as a veternary medicine major. Well….maybe they’ll see each other around campus.

    Once again, Good luck to all the Greenbergers in their endeavors.
    Bob Ahrens