One Final Look Back

2010 comes to a close and it was not entirely a bad year but it was bad enough that I made the decision to make a career change. As publishers froze in the wake of the eBook explosion, thanks to the Kindle and the iPad, work dried up pretty quickly. Not just for me, but for dozens of my peers. As the year progressed, I watched as one after another announced with regret they had to take day jobs or supplement their incomes in other ways. One peer seems to have given up entirely and went to work at Macy’s.

While I have proposals out there and things could change with a phone call, after all these months I’ve concluded that it is not likely. Instead, with Deb’s encouragement, I have taken control of my destiny. On Tuesday, I begin orientation at the University of Bridgeport while starting as an intern at Darien High School on the 10th followed by classes beginning on the 18th. It’s a month of change and adjustment and I hold out hope that I will still have time for freelance work since I still dearly love writing and editing.

The lesson will be to accept only the work that fits the schedule and has compensation attached. This year, when time permitted, I did write things for a pittance or the hope of payment in the future and that will have to stop.

In looking over my records, this year was an interesting mix. I wrote five articles and some book jacket copy for Marvel; four complete issues of Who’s’ Who (which will most likely need revising when we get back to work) and two Scooby-Doo scripts for DC Comics, ghostwrote a book I can’t wait to talk about since it led to a second project I’ll be writing in 2011; began my weekly column for Fairfield Patch; wrote copy for an anti-bullying website;  edited two books for Dynamic Forces; wrote an article for Back Issue!; an article for Star Trek magazine;  and did a ton of writing for another website.

Additionally, there were tons of reviews for ComicMix and my semi-monthly column at Westfield Comics.

Overall, not a bad mix of writing although precious little of it was fiction. That’s where the disappointments ran huge. I spent all spring trying to cajole people into supporting the ReDeus collaboration with Steven Savile and Aaron Rosenberg but that seemed not to be (although the project is far from dead) and all but one of the pitches still in circulation is for fiction.

Personally, it was fabulous being invited to Spain and we enjoyed the experience immensely. It was great having Kate around for three weeks of the year and we couldn’t be prouder of how her career has blossomed. We saw family and friends; took care of things around the house and enjoyed one another’s company.

It was far from a perfect year. If anything, it was a year of transitions as Deb changed jobs and I prepared to change careers. As a result, we’re both looking at 2011 as being a better year all around. Keep checking in here to find out what happens next.

To one and all, have a Happy New Year!

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