Only in New York

My friend Nomi Burstein, who is visiting NYC this week, posted on her blog about being at a restaurant and recognizing an old college friend across the room. When I saw Nomi for lunch on Wednesday, I related the following as a


  • louiecat

    Hmmn. I guess, going to Mars 2112 is a must now for me:)

  • Amateur. Once, after working late, I boarded the subway at a slightly different spot than usual, and I just happened to run into Alan Davis’ daughter Pauline, visiting from England with a bunch of classmates. Out of all the subways in NYC! (This is probably more the Davis touch at work, as Alan says this sort of thing happens to him all the time.)

  • TAC

    One afternoon in downtown Kowloon, Hong Kong, my family was having lunch in a nice restaurant. A man across the room kept looking in my father. We noticed but it didn’t bother us especially.

    Before leaving, he stopped by our table and inqured as to whether my parents had ever lived in Italy. (My sister was born there.) It turns out that he had been my parent’s upstairs neighbor when they had lived in Naples and was just having lunch between flights at the airport nearby.

    Of course, I felt it was more surprising when, on the way to Washington, DC after my father had completed a 3 year assignment in Hong Kong, my family stopped for a day in Anaheim, CA, so we could spend the day at Disneyland. Who did we run into? Some neighbors from our building in Hong Kong. They didn’t know we were going to stop at Disneyland nor did we know there were going to be visiting friends in CA.

    Then there was that time at RiverFest in Washington, DC, when I ran into my friends the Greenbergers who had come down for the day and didn’t tell anyone they were coming.

    Of course, running into Bob unexpectedly at World Con LA in ’85 (’84?) was not entirely unexpected.

    It’s a small world after all.
    It’s a small world after all.
    It’s a small world after all.
    It’s a small, small world.