• Have you not yet watched Lost? Nomi and I have the first six hours on tape, and we might watch some tonight but we’ve been catching up on Broadway: The American Musical.

  • Paul1963

    It finally occurred to me this year that I could fire up my lawn mower (with the bag attached)and take care of my leaves that much faster. The only glitch I had was the first time I went out and found it was too cold for the mower to start. So I found a patch of direct sunlight and let the mower sit there for an hour while I raked the old-fashioned way. Then it fired right up and I finished the whole yard in an hour and a half. Then I waited a couple of weeks for the rest of the leaves to fall and went out again yesterday.
    This time, the mower started on the first pull and I covered the whole yard in about an hour-fifteen.
    Last year: seven or eight hours work, fifteen or sixteen bags of leaves (from my quarter-acre lot!) and lots of muscle stiffness for the next few days.
    This year: four hours total work, eight bags of leaves (would have been six if not for that first hour of rake-and-bag–whole leaves take up more room than mulched ones) and no stiffness at all! And I’m done for the year.