Publishing Notes

Whenever you write for a licensed publication, there are two sources of feedback – the editor and the license holder. Sometimes, comments for the latter can be mind-boggling. And then there are days when they make you smile.

This morning I got word from Moonstone Books’ head honcho Joe Gentile: “GHOST HUNTERS by Robert Greenberger. Excellent. Plot approved.” Now, they meant the finished story for Moonstone’s two-volume Phantom prose anthology, not just the plot, but it was a thrill.

Also, yesterday I received the go ahead from Leah Wilson, BenBella’s editor for the SmartPop line of essay titles, to write my third essay for the company. For a change of pace, I’ll be tackling a television show, Grey’s Anatomy and concentrating on Christina Yang. Deb gave me the initial idea for the essay so I’ll be relying on her help and insight as I research and write the piece.