Pulling the Plug Faster

Our patience for the mediocre appears to be waning with age. It used to be, if we started a televisions series and liked it, we stayed until the bitter end. In the last year or two, though, we’ve been pressed for time and apparently we’ve sharpened our critical skills. I think it started when we gave up on Revenge about two-thirds of the way through the second season. The show morphed beyond what it was promised to be. Does anyone remember the creators swearing the Emily Thorne story would be resolved by season one’s February sweeps and they’d move on to someone else’s story of revenge? Not a hint about the Initiative or other such nonsense.

This year, I was pretty much done with Revolution by the time it started because I was largely dissatisfied with the nanobot reveal. When Aaron stated becoming a pyrokinetic, I was done. I was also appalled at the lack of character writing being done. It felt like the producers were merely rearranging the deck chairs so the characters went from situation to situation but it was always the same crew of misfits. Had Miles actually confronted what he created and dealt with Munroe or had Tom Neville finally been shot and killed, I might have been interested. It used to be, each episode ended and Deb would say, “I want to stop, but there’s always something by the end that makes me want to come back.” So we did. Until I stopped caring and finally Deb gave in, too.

Bones was a wonderfully quirky police procedural with an engaging set of characters and this was the first series we binged watching, borrowing DVDs until we were caught up by season six. Here we are, at season nine and they’re married, raising a child and the stories have moved beyond the odd to the unbelievable. The threat from the recurring villain Pelant grew preposterous and they finally offed him earlier this season but by then the damage was done. We were through and don’t’ really miss it.

And while we mostly accepted life at McKinley High was unlike the world we lived in, Glee continued to tell heart-tugging stories about teenagers struggling with being outcasts and finding friendship. But this show too continued to strain credulity as characterizations wobbled and most of the newer cast were underserved while the graduating cast, deprived of a spinoff, took a disproportionate among of screen time. We were kinda done with the show as the new season arrived but stuck with it for the Finn memorial episode, which was very nicely done. But, there was little to compel us to continue and this too fell off the schedule.

Deb has shown less tolerance for iffier shows or those that seemingly go off the rails so she’s been done with Grimm for a while and just decided that season five of True Blood was too over the top for her. As a result, our mutual television choices have dwindled a bit and we each watch several series without the other (which helps on nights one of us is not around). Thanks to the limitations of the FIOS DVR, we have totally missed out on Parenthood so will have to grab that later on.

Looking at the new season, there’s very little we’ve tried and stuck with. We’re still sticking with The Crazy Ones for now, since this also has moments that convince us to keep with it. And we’re just one episode into Almost Human so the jury remains out. The Blacklist and SHIELD are the only dramas we’re sticking with.  We’ve been very selective about we’ve tried from the new shows, jealously guarding our leisure hours and so far don’t think we’ve missed out on anything amazing.

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  • Bob Ahrens

    Likewise at the Ahrens household, Bobby. Julie and I have been watching (sporadically) Almost Human and SHEILD, but I guess I’m missing the good ones, ’cause we’re not feeling compelled to stick around. Bones was always a bit henky for me, and even Castle lost it’s allure.

    Maybe Revolution is going for a Steven King feel- it almost screams “The Stand”. “Under the Dome” IS King, and that’s coming back midseason- hopefully better.

    But you’re always hopeful one of them turns out to be one of your pet favorites… a show only you like, which then, suddenly, everybody goes nuts for.
    Like “Chuck” or “Sports Night”- shows I caught onto long after the fact.

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