Remembering Majel

As widely reported, Majel Barrett Roddenberry passed away yesterday. That it was covered so thoroughly is a testament to her place in Star Trek and pop culture canon.

I first met Majel at the Committee conventions of the 1970s. She was usually holed up in the bar with Gene so, being underage, my access to her was limited. But she was always pleasant.

Later, when we wound up as guests at the same shows, she was never anything less than gracious. She loved to gossip and sitting between her and Robin Curtis at one event I heard things to make me blush.

She was a good enough actress to be cast in the initial pilot where she fell in love with Roddenberry. They had initially met when he cast her on his previous series, The Lieutenant. Their romance was one of the best things to happen during the years Star Trek was on NBC. Recognizing that parts were getting harder to come by, she wisely launched Lincoln Enterprises which was one of the first outfits to sell merchandise to fans. Trying to stay ahead of pop culture trends, she added Kung Fu and Search although neither did the sort of business Star Trek materials did.

Gene kept casting her in his other pilots and she remained by his side through the lean times.

I always enjoyed talking with her and enjoyed her enthusiasm for being out and among the fans when making appearances. Thankfully, she lent her voice to the new J.J. Abrams film prior to her passing., a fitting link from creator to current caretaker.

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